Saturday, July 6, 1996

OPEN - 151 Regent St Gallery, Chippendale - 6th July-21st July, 1996

'Open' was the opening exhibition at the 151 Regent St Gallery in Chippendale - that terrific building on the corner that keeps getting repainted but nobody seems to know what to do with....  It was near-derelict at the time when Rohan Stanley and friends took it on as studios and a gallery space.  
I see from the invitation that everybody was given a 1 foot square of canvas to work on - I didn't remember that - but I did find a very bad photo of the work that I put in.  It was a painting made from a circular stencil with a layer of yellow circles covered by red circles, covered by black circles - which is basically the paintings that I am making has just taken me 15 years to catch up to them....
Not only did the work sell, but it also got a terrific write-up by Bruce James in the SMH - I was chuffed!...

'Open' oil on canvas, 30cm x 30cm, 1996

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