Saturday, November 12, 1994

FORCE OF HABIT - Pendulum, Redfern, November 12 to December 11, 1994

Pendulum was a wonderful space in a warehouse in Redfern run by Mishka Borowski.  I did a work in which I stencilled patterns directly onto the walls in gouache.  I used the 4 patterns that I had used in the 4 'Detail' paintings in 'Memos', using one pattern on each wall and a different colour for each pattern.  The name, 'Force of Habit' referred to the repetitous nature of the process.

It also got me my first mention in the paper - by Felicity Fenner in the SMH!  The review looked at exhibitions by Jackie Redgate, Robert Pulie, Christopher Dean, Helga Groves and myself, in galleries as diverse as Sherman, Selenium, Pendulum and Kunst - imagine anything like that appearing in the Herald today....

The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday, November 18, 1994, pge.14