Wednesday, July 5, 1995

ARTHOTLINE 0055 29334 at Performance Space - 199 Cleveland St, Redfern - July 5-22, 1995

The ARTHOTLINE group had an exhibition and Book Launch at the Performance Space in July 1995, where the artists that had exhibited in various non-art spaces around Sydney got to show together in one space.  I had called my previous ARTHOTLINE works 'PROP I, II and III', so this was 'PROP IV'.  It was a number of small gouaches on coloured paper - the designs were actually the centre of the stencil designs that I had used for my previous ARTHOTLINE Prop exhibition as well as in a number of other works in various media.  Each of my PROP works had been site specific, so these were made to fit within the archway space of the gallery.