Saturday, November 7, 1992

ONE DAY SHOW: ARTHOTLINE Project Launch, The Bond Store, Windmill St Millers Point - Saturday 7th November 1992 1-6pm

ARTHOTLINE was a concept organised by Mark Titmarsh that consisted of a series of one day shows in non-gallery spaces.  What made it unique was that it was advertised via a 0055 phone number.  When it was your turn to exhibit, you rang a number and recorded a message that stated the location and time of the exhibition or performance.  The public then rang the 0055 number to find out where and when to go - the internet and social media STILL didn't exist yet - so this was a pretty neat idea!

The first show was a one day group show at the Bond Stores at the Rocks.  I showed 2 paintings, both called  'Black and White'.  They were each made from the same set of stencils - one was black and white patterning on a white background, the other black and white patterning on a black background.  I have just found a picture of them....

The phone number was advertised via a business card that was distributed as widely as possible

'Black & White', oil on canvas, 35cm x 35cm, 1992

'Black & White', oil on canvas, 35cm x 35cm, 1992

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