Friday, September 21, 1990

NO - AGLASSOFWATER Project - Milburn & Arte 336 George St Brisbane - 21st September to 10th October 1990

Luke Roberts and Scott Redford co-ordinated a series of art events that they called AGLASSOFWATER Project.  NO was a group exhibition that was held in Brisbane.  I don't have an image of the work that I sent, but I remember it was a framed, typed work on blue/purple paper, about A5 in size.  I had gone through the dictionary and listed alphabetically all the 'negative' words that contained the word 'no'.  I had an old typewriter that had belonged to my grandmother - it had a half black/half red ribbon - I typed the words so that the 'no' was in red - abnormal, cannon, dishonour, nothing, nobody, snob - you get the idea. I found a page full. It was the first work that I sold!