Saturday, April 4, 1992

FACT: An Installation Publication #6 - Touring Exhibition - April 4th to Dec 20th, 1992

Fact was an exhibition co-ordinated by James Harley and Shiralee Saul.  It travelled to Linden Gallery, Melbourne; Umbrella Studios, Townsville; 24Hours Contemporary Art Centre, Darwin; Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; Photospace, Canberra; Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth; Chameleon Contemporary Art Space, Hobart; Ars Multiplicata, Sydney and A.C.C.A., Melbourne.  Approximately 100 participants were invited to respond to the  'Fact Scenario'
The resulting works were to be displayed on Amiga computers, as well as in a hard-copy publication.
Remember that the internet didn't exist at this time, at least not for ordinary people - and displaying works on a computer was pretty cutting-edge!  The exhibition was sponsored by the Australian Network for Art and Technology and Commodore Business Machines - now it just sounds quaint....
Part of the invitation to exhibit emphasised that 'images which incorporate text may lose resolution-quality when digitized to install in the computer; i.e. they will become less legible, thus becoming more pictorial rather than textual'  Visitors to the exhibition were able to access individual images and texts via a bubble-jet printer.

I hoped that in re-reading all of the exhibition information, that would eventually remember the work that I submitted - unfortunately I haven't and I don't think I've ever seen the resulting publication....