Friday, February 4, 2011

INTERSECTIONS - At The Vanishing Point, 565 King St Newtown - 4-20 February, 2011

'Intersections'  featured the work of Boni Cairncross, James Gatt, Joe Gilmore, Hayley Hill, Tom Isaacs, Melanie Khava, Kate Mackay, Francesca Mataraga, Lauren McCartney, Fernando Navarra, Georgie Pollard, Margaret Roberts, Marlene Sarroff, Lleah Smith, Kurt Sorensen, Goran Tomic and Alex Wisser.

It was (non) curated by Adrian Clement as explained in a review of the show by Alex Wisser.

"Intersections is intended to be experienced in its entirety as a single work, as opposed to a group show or a conglomerate of disparate works."  CLICK HERE for a full exposition of the exhibition.

My work was a free-standing curved wall of painted cardboard boxes.

'Curved Cube Wall', acrylic paint on cardboard with yarn, 2011

SMALL WORKS FOR A LARGE UNIVERSE - Index, 60 Hutchison St, St Peters - February 4-19, 2011

'Small Works for a Large Universe' included the work of about 19 artists.

From the Index website -
 An exhi­bi­tion of small art­works in our large project space as an exam­i­na­tion of the effects and sig­nif­i­cance of rel­a­tive scale on the mean­ing and pres­ence of the art­work and a reflec­tion upon our own place in a uni­verse so much larger than ourselves.

There is a great selection of photos of the show on the Index website -  CLICK HERE  - as well as a video of the show by Ariel Riveros.

I exhibited a single painted cardboard cube strung up by wool from the rafters.

'Suspended Cube', acrylic paint on cardboard with yarn, 17cm x 17cm x 18cm, 2011