Tuesday, January 16, 1990

In Full Sunlight - First Draft West 39 Parramatta Rd Annandale - January 16 to January 28 1990

In Full Sunlight was a group show curated by Scott Redford and Luke Roberts.  It was the first exhibition to be held at First Draft West. (First Draft had moved from Chippendale to Annandale to become First Draft West - myself, Helga Groves, Vicente Butron and Janet Shanks became the directors for 1990-1991).
I had forgotten the work that I put in this show until I started sorting through the piles of work packed on top of the bookcase.... It is a framed work on paper - a photocopied blown-up image of Classical Wall Friezes covered in a wash of yellow acrylic and gesso - I think I must have been looking at some Lindy Lee works at the time... I have a video of the exhibition that I will post as soon as I have had it transferred to DVD.... I am looking forward to seeing what we all did...

The participating artists were - Charles Anderson, Fergus Armstrong, Nicholas Baume, Adam Boyd, Stephen Bram, Vicente Butron, Barbara Campbell, Eugene Carchesio, Cernak, Maria Cruz, A.D.S.Donaldson, Clinton Doyle, Marian Drew, Lucinda Elliot, Malcolm Enright, Allen Furlong, Joe Furlonger, Clinton Garafano, Diena Georgetti, Matthys Gerber, Helga Groves, Johnny Harden, Melinda Harper, Crow Hirst, Terence Hogan, Donald Holt, Felicia Kan, Jon Kelly, Peter Lambropoulos, Lindy Lee, Jennifer McCamley, Ewen McDonald, Fiona MacDonald, Kate Mackay, Bette Mifsud, Rosemary Nolan, Susan Norrie, Stieg Persson, Kerrie Poliness, Scott Redford, Jackie Redgate, Bruce Reynolds, Carole Roberts, Luke Roberts, Janet Shanks, John Stafford, Richard Stringer, Urszula Szulakowska, Ross Thompson, Mark Titmarsh, Hiram To, Karen Turnbull, Carl Warner, Gary Warner, Nell Watson, Venessa Williams, Gary Wilson, Heather Winter, Adam Wolter, John Young, Anne Zalhalka, Nicholas Zurbrugg.

Untitled, acrylic & gesso on photocopy, 31cm x 31cm, 1989