Tuesday, January 15, 1991

BODY WITHOUT ORGANS - First Draft WEST, 39 Parramatta Rd Annandale - 15th January to 3rd February 1991

Body Without Organs was a group exhibition curated by Janet Shanks and Vicente Butron.  ("This body without organs is permeated by unformed, unstable matters, by flows in all directions, by free intensities or nomadic singularities, by mad or transitory particles" [A Thousand Plateaus, G.Deleuze & F.Guattari, 1980, p.40]).  My interpretation was to create a wooden book, that in reality consisted of only the front and back cover and no text - I think it was something about making the unreadable solid......    
Participating artists were - Tony Ameneiro, Cristina Bahamid, Stephen Bram, Maureen Burns, Vicente Butron, Graeme Cornwell, Maria Cruz, Adam Cullen, Clint Doyle, Jeffrey Fereday, Susan Fereday, Rebekah Fogarty, Adam Geczy, Helga Groves, Stephen Little, Rose-Ann McGreevy, Kate Mackay, Elizabeth Pulie, Martine Ranby, Scott Redford, Jane Richens, Margaret Roberts, Julie Savage, Nike Savvas, William Seeto, Janet Shanks, David Laurence Stafford, Ruth Thompson, Penelope Thwaite, Hiram To, Justin Trendall.  

BOOK - wood with brass hinges, 32cm x 22cm x 8cm, 1991