Thursday, June 3, 2010

DECORATING LOOS - At The Vanishing Point, 565 King St Newtown - 3-20 June 2010

'Decorating Loos' was an exhibition curated by Georgie Pollard and the Marrickville Art Lab under the ATVP Emerging Curators Mentorship Program.  Fifteen toilet cubicles were built in the gallery with each artist creating their work within their own cubicle.

The title refered to both the architect Adolf Loos (most widely known for his essay 'Ornament and Crime') and to the everyday practice of drawing on toilet walls...

CLICK HERE for a great little article by Alex Wisser about the exhibition.

I lined the space with an assortment of crocheted stripes, completed with a small stool (no pun intended....really...) from which to contemplate the arrangement.  

And CLICK HERE for a jigsaw of the work for your amusement...