Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIRECTORS SHOW - Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville - 22 February-17 March, 2012

As directors of Factory 49, myself, Pam Aitken and Marlene Sarroff had a group show in the Factory 49 Office Space that we called the 'Directors Show'.  I exhibited a cardboard and paper work that was based on the circle square paintings that I had been doing.  It consisted of 25 pieces that when hung together recreated the random patterning of the square and circle painted stencil patterns.  

CLICK HERE to go to a copy of the exhibition catalogue.

kate mackay, one and the same, paper, cardboard, factory 49, abstract geometric
'One & the Same: Paper', paper, cardboard and PVA, 25 pieces, 84cm x 84cm, 2012