Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ANNUAL GROUP SHOW - Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville - 8 August-18 August, 2012

Factory 49's Annual Group Show for 2012 included the work of 47 artists.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the catalogue.  I exhibited a cardboard construction of painted squares.

kate mackay, one and the same construction, geometric abstraction, non- objective, art, cardboard, factory 49
'One & the Same: Construction 1', acrylic on cardboard, PVA, 33cm x 33cm, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GROUP PRINT SHOW - Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville - 27 June-21 July, 2012

A group of 11 artists exhibited a show of print works in the Office Project Space at Factory 49.  The artists were - Adrian Clement, Alexandra Kenndy, Nicole Ellis, Kendal Heyes, Amarie Bergman, David Attwood, Marlene Sarroff, Loiuse Blyton, Pam Aitken, Bogumila Strojna and myself.

I created a digital print of painted cardboard squares.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the catalogue with images of all the works.

kate mackay, one and the same, digital print, geometric abstraction, non-objective, art
'One & the Same', digital print, 42cm x 30cm, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

FACTORY 49@THE ROCKS - Level 1, 47 George St, The Rocks, Sydney - 1 March-25 March, 2012

Factory 49 organised a month long 'Pop-Up' exhibition in a heritage building space at The Rocks. It involved 20 artists who had exhibited at Factory 49 - Rose McGreevy, Kendal Heyes, Margaret Roberts, Mark Booth, Beata Geyer, Miguel Olmo, Lila Alfiouni, Barbara Halnan, Alan Rose, Wendy Kelly, Pam Aitken, Liz Shreeve, Melinda Harper, Marlene Sarroff, Stephanie Quirk, Hayley French, Susan Andrews, Georgina Pollard, Cornelis Timmer and myself.

I exhibited 3 small prototypes for the circle paintings - Yellow, Red and Blue. 

'Circle Prototype Yellow, Red & Blue', oil on canvas, 35cm x 35cm each, 2007
Below is the press release for the show and CLICK HERE for a video of the exhibition.

PRESS RELEASE: Factory 49 @ The Rocks Pop Up

Installation 2012
WHERE: Level 1, 47 George Street, The Rocks
WHEN: Wednesday to Sunday, 10am – 5pm
1 - 25 March, 2012
Opening event: Thursday 8 March, 6pm

Factory 49, Marrickville, known for its exhibitions of experimental and critical contemporary art, is opening the Factory 49 @ The Rocks Pop Up for the month of March. Artist’s works will be for sale, providing a wonderful opportunity for visitors, collectors and the general public to experience an exciting affordable array of artists’ works.

Many of the artists exhibit internationally and are recognised for their innovative experimental practice. Factory 49 is an Artist Run Space, focussed on promoting artistic activities related to the guiding principles of the international art movement known as non-objective art. The work on display at the Factory 49 @ The Rocks Pop Up reflects an emphasis on the material basis of art making, non-representation, purity and singularity of structure, and emphasising the process of construction.

Artists from Factory 49 will be in attendance at the Pop Up and a video will also be available showcasing a series of artist’s interviews.

Factory 49 looks forward to welcoming everyone to The Rocks where contemporary art leaves the modern day white cube and comfortably settles into a beautifully restored historic sandstone building in The Rocks.

The Rocks Pop-Up is a partnership between Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and Arts NSW.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIRECTORS SHOW - Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville - 22 February-17 March, 2012

As directors of Factory 49, myself, Pam Aitken and Marlene Sarroff had a group show in the Factory 49 Office Space that we called the 'Directors Show'.  I exhibited a cardboard and paper work that was based on the circle square paintings that I had been doing.  It consisted of 25 pieces that when hung together recreated the random patterning of the square and circle painted stencil patterns.  

CLICK HERE to go to a copy of the exhibition catalogue.

kate mackay, one and the same, paper, cardboard, factory 49, abstract geometric
'One & the Same: Paper', paper, cardboard and PVA, 25 pieces, 84cm x 84cm, 2012