Saturday, December 8, 2018

AT8 ARTICULATE TURNS EIGHT - Articulate Project Space, 497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt, 8 to 23 December 2018

Articulate Project Space celebrated their 8th birthday with "Articulate Turns Eight"
Everybody who had shown in the space over the last eight years were invited to participate and the artists who exhibited were Alison Clouston, Anya Pesce, Ambrose Reisch, Anke St√§cker, Asher Millgate, Barbara Halnan, Beata Geyer, Bettina Bruder, Bill Moseley, Brigitta Gallaher, Caitlin Hespe, Chantal Grech, Ebony Secombe, Elizabeth Ashburn, Elizabeth Hogan, Elizabeth Rankin, Elke Wohlfahrt, Ella Dreyfus, Fiona Kemp, Genevieve Carroll, Jane Burton Taylor, Jeff Wood, Jenee O’Brien, Jody Graham, Julian Day, Juliet Fowler Smith, Kate Mackay, Laine Hogarty, LInden Braye, Lisa Andrew and Rachel Buckeridge, Lisa Sharp, Liz O’Reilly, Mandy Burgess, Margaret Roberts, Michael Jalaru Torres, Mireille Eid, Molly Wagner, Nadia Odlum, Noelene Lucas, Nola Farman, Pam Kleemann, Parris Dewhurst, Paul Sutton, Renay Pepita, Ro Murray, Ros Cook, Rox De Luca, Sarah Woodward, Sardar Sinjawi, Sonja Karl, Steven Cavanagh, Steven Fasan, Sue Callanan, Sue Pedley, Suzanne Bartos, Vilma Bader and Virginia Hilyard.

It was a great excuse to go to Sydney for the weekend and catch up with everybody.  My work was "A Man Paints With His Brain And Not With His Hands - Michelangelo" from my "Nothing To Say Here" series.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the roomsheet.

"A Man Paints With His Brain And Not With His Hands - Michelangelo", oil on canvas on board, 51cm x 51cm, 2018 (photo credit Glenn Locklee)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

SALON REALITES NOUVELLES 2018 - Parc de Floral, Paris, France - 21 to 28 October, 2017

My contribution to the 2018 Salon Realites Nouvelles was a painting from the "Nothing To Say Here" series - "He Who Possesses Art And Science Has Religion, He Who Does Not Possess Them Needs Religion - Goethe".

"He Who Possesses Art And Science Has Religion, He Who Does Not Possess Them Needs Religion - Goethe" oil on canvas on board, 68cm x 68cm, 2018

Two installation shots from the exhibition taken by Christine Boiry
Marilyn Chapin Massey, Kate Mackay, credit Christine Boiry

Christine Boiry, Go Segawa, Jansen Heljtmajei, Marilyn Chapin Massey, Kate Mackay, credit Christine Boiry

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

THE EXQUISITE PALETTE SHOW 2018 - Tacit Galleries, 123a Gipps St, Collingwood, Melbourne - June 6 to July 7, 2018

I contributed a work for the first time to the Exquisite Palette show which has been put on by the St. Luke Artists Colourmen  for a number of years.  Each artist is given a wooden palette to use in any way they wish - "Embracing the symbol of the painter, artists contribute works using the timber studio palette in an exhibition of the exquisite and the bizarre".
For my work I crocheted a cover for the palette with a random selection of wool which had been previously used to tie together a large box sculpture.

The Exquisite Palette Show manifesto by St. Luke Artist Colourmen.
Back in 2007 Louise Blyton, David Coles and their wonderful staff at the time sat down for after work drinks. We got to thinking how great it was that as a very small business, run by artists, for artists in Melbourne could survive and thrive. We knew it was because of the great support of our customers and we knew we wanted to do something special for them to say thank you. But what?
Let’s put on a show! we all yelled.
…..but it has to be different….
...and fun...
What’s the most clich√©, kitsch yet romantic object we could ask our customers to make into a artwork?
Yep, a artist’s palette!
Thus The Exquisite Palette Show was born.
The first Exquisite Palette show was strictly St. Luke customers and staff. We had 97 pallets arrive back to us and were blown away with the diversity and beauty of the works.
Due to the show’s popularity we then had it as a open to all artists policy.
It grew…and grew, with the last show having 300 artists participate.
The last three shows have been in our Collingwood store on Smith street. As St. Luke is turning 18 this year we decided to treat our artists and really show off their work by placing the show in a beautiful gallery.
Over the last four shows, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2018 we have exhibited palettes that have been crocheted, printed, burnt, waxed, painted, chopped, cast, embroidered and sculptured.
Palettes have been embellished with, bugs, nails, glitter, teeth, leaves, ashes, hair, buttons, feathers, lollies, rust, and model trees.
Each year we thought we had seen it all and each year shows more and more ways that these amazing artists could come up with their own individual take on what to do. We are delightfully surprised and sometimes breathless at the pure imagination of the talent out there.
This year we are very pleased to include, for the first time, international artists, pretty damn excited about that.

Installation view courtesy of Tacit Galleries and St.Luke Artists Colourmen

CLICK HERE for a link to the exhibitions facebook page and more images.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

ABSTRACTION TWENTYEIGHTEEN - Langford 120, 120 Langford St, North Melbourne - 21 April to 20 May 2018

The Field Re-Visited was a 50 year commemorative re-staging by the NGV of their landmark 1968 exhibition.  A number of Melbourne galleries - Langford 120, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Five Walls Projects, Justin Art House Museum and Deakin University - curated a series of satellite exhibitions of contemporary artists to coincide with the event.

The exhibition at Langford 120 was curated by Wilma Tabacco and Stephen Wickham and included the work of 39 artists.  My work was "Art Does Not Reproduce What We See, It Makes Us See - Paul Klee" - a painting from my "Nothing To Say Here" series.

CLICK HERE for a link to the Langford 120 website for photos from the exhibition, and here is a video of the exhibition produced and uploaded by artist Jason Haufe.

Art Does Not Reproduce What We See, It Makes Us See - Paul Klee, oil on canvas on board, 51cm x 51cm, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

GROUP SMALL SCULPTURE SHOW 2018 - Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville - 28 February to 10 March 2018

I contributed a hanging box work as part of a small sculpture show at Factory 49.  The work consisted of 21 cubes tied into a 5 x 5 grid and suspended from the ceiling at two points so that the work hung in a twisted configuration.
"Recent works from local artists working in forms of contemporary sculpture. Featuring works by Artists Kate Mackay, Piergiorgio Zangara, Diablo Mode, Molly Wagner, Yeliz Yorulmaz, Christine Wiltshier, Pia Larson, Basilios Papaioannou, Judy Marsh, Nadia Odlum, Alan Rose, Annelies Jahn, Sharon Williams and Tanya Richards"

CLICK HERE for the catalogue of the show.