Friday, September 1, 1995

PROP III - an ARTHOTLINE Project, Clovelly Headland, Sydney - 1995

This was my third ARTHOLINE event.  The work was a 7.5m length of semi-transparent fabric onto which I had stencilled the overlapping decorative imagery that I had been using in a number of my works.  The 'banner' was tied onto a white concrete 'geographical marker' that sits on the edge of the Clovelly headland.   This was a spot where I often walked the Zephyr dog...

PROP III, acrylic paint on polyester fabric, 750cm x 35cm, 1995

the Zephyr dog

Wednesday, July 5, 1995

ARTHOTLINE 0055 29334 at Performance Space - 199 Cleveland St, Redfern - July 5-22, 1995

The ARTHOTLINE group had an exhibition and Book Launch at the Performance Space in July 1995, where the artists that had exhibited in various non-art spaces around Sydney got to show together in one space.  I had called my previous ARTHOTLINE works 'PROP I, II and III', so this was 'PROP IV'.  It was a number of small gouaches on coloured paper - the designs were actually the centre of the stencil designs that I had used for my previous ARTHOTLINE Prop exhibition as well as in a number of other works in various media.  Each of my PROP works had been site specific, so these were made to fit within the archway space of the gallery.

Wednesday, April 19, 1995

SAME AGAIN - CBD Gallery, 62 Erskine St Sydney - 19 to 22 April 1995

'Same Again' was my second exhibition at CBD Gallery.  It carried on from my show of the previous year called  'Same Paintings'.  It consisted of 3 paintings - 'Red', 'Yellow' and 'Blue' - with each painting being constructed using the same stencils re-configured in different ways.  

Below is the flyer for the month's worth of shows at CBD as well as my individual flyer. 

'Same Painting - Red', oil on canvas, 167cm x 167cm, 1994

'Same Painting - Yellow', oil on canvas, 167cm x 167cm, 1994

'Same Painting - Blue', oil on canvas, 167cm x 167cm, 1995

Saturday, April 1, 1995


I found a couple of flyers for fundraisers that I was involved in at the time - one for CBD Gallery, and one for Pendulum -  great lists of artists!