Friday, November 12, 2004

CONCEPTUAL CROCHET - The Cross Art Projects, 33 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross - 12 November-4 December 2004

'Conceptual Crochet' was curated by Christopher Dean at the Cross Art Projects - a space run by Jo Holder.  The show included the work of John Aslanidis, Elizabeth Day, Christopher Dean, Judith Duquemin, Fiona MacDonald, Helen Nicholson, Elizabeth Pulie, Jacqueline Rose, Justin Trendall, Shaun Weston and myself. 

It was subtitled, with Christopher's characteristic wit, 'Between the Concept and the Crochet' and asked the question - "Why has the craft of weaving become central to the work of so many contemporary artists?"  My work was a large cube constructed from cardboard and paper, where coloured paper strips were woven together to cover the surface of the cube.  I have included a copy of Christopher's essay that accompanied the exhibition.

'Cube' paper, cardboard, PVA glue,  47.5cm x 47.5cm x 47.5cm, 2004

Friday, April 9, 2004


The Song Company in association with Music Theatre Sydney and the City of Sydney presented another 'Stations of the Cross'.  This performance took place within the main hall of the Sydney Town Hall.  16 artists presented various performances and installations in association with the performances by the 10 musicians and singers.

I had created a large colourful cardboard cross which I had entered in that year's Blake Prize - it didn't get in...I was then co-incidentally invited to participate in this exhibition - divine intervention?....

The cross was about 3 metres long and 2 metres wide and was constructed of 5 long rectangular boxes that were covered with various patterns of coloured paper and tied together.  I was allocated the stage of the Town Hall for my piece.  I had originally planned to suspend the cross on a large fishing net as a backdrop to the musical performance; but as the net was being raised into position we noticed that the cross sort of 'sat up' as it was being raised - decided instead to raise it into position as the music was being performed.

Each 'Station' was performed in a different part of the hall with the audience walking around to experience each piece.  My cross was to be viewed from the upstairs balcony - not my decision, it had already been allocated.  As the music began, a spotlight lit up the cross on the floor of the stage - the net was slowly lifted and the cross sat up and floated into the air - the net had become invisible - several audience members (including myself) gasped - it was amazing - I take very little credit - lights, colour, music and movement are very seductive...

Of course I have no photos or video of the event....just one very ordinary photo of the cross.

the Cross looking very unimpressive against the brick wall....

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

PARALIPSIS - MOP Projects, Room 16, Level 2, 617 Elizabeth St, Redfern - 28 January-8 February 2004

'Paralipsis' was curated by Judith Duquemin at MOP Projects when it was in Elizabeth St, Redfern.  It involved works by myself, Judith Duquemin and Justin Trendall.

It was in this exhibition that I started to really use squares and cubes.  Some works were constructed by weaving coloured strips of paper over cardboard to create either 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional works, while other works were constructed of small cubes of MDF which were painted and then glued together.

'Big Square' paper, cardboard and PVA glue, 49cm x 49cm, 2004

'Cubes' 29 pieces, MDF, paper & PVA glue, 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm each, 2004 

'Cube' oil paint on MDF, 7cm x 7cm x 7cm, 2004

'Small Blocks 1', oil paint on MDF, 17cm x 17cm , 2004

'Small Blocks 1-4' oil paint on MDF, 17cm x 17cm each, 2004

'Large Block' oil paint on MDF, 37cm x 37cm, 2004