Thursday, April 30, 2015

CORNER SUITE - Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville - April 2015

I exhibited a strange little thing that I called “CORNER SUITE” in the Office Project Space at Factory 49.  It consisted of crocheted cubes tied together and strung up in the corner...

"Corner Suite", yarn & foam, 110cm x 50cm x 50cm approx.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

CARREMENT 2 - Espace Christiane Peugeot, 62 Avenue de la Grande, Armee, Paris - 12th to 25th April, 2015

I was invited to be part of the "Carrement 2" exhibition held at the Christiane Peugeot Gallery in Paris.  Below is the invitation with the list of 28 artists involved.
"Carrement" translates roughly as "certainty".
Each artist was asked to submit 3 works of a small, medium and large size.  My works were Circle Square Constructions in cardboard, paper, acrylic and PVA.

paper, acrylic and PVA, 17cm x 17cm
cardboard, acrylic and PVA, 35cm x 35cm
cardboard, acrylic and PVA, 58cm x 58cm
Below are some installation shots