Tuesday, June 30, 1992

WORK by Hany Armanious, Maria Cruz, Kate Mackay, Bill Seeto - BLACK, 80 Campbell St Surry Hills - June 30 to July 28 1992

BLACK was a gallery space run by Mikala Dwyer  - it was in an architects office in Surry Hills.  It ran for 1 or 2 years (?) and had a number of interesting shows.  
Because it was an architect's space I decided to create works that related to the architecture...  There was a section of wall that jutted out over the stairwell - my 2 paintings were made to fit onto the length of this piece of wall,  they were thin to mirror the stair handrail, and they were positioned so that they sat on top of  the hand rail when viewed from the gallery entrance.  The imagery was 5 strips of patterns that I had used in previous work, but here they were all layered on top of each other in various strengths of gold and silver pigment mixed into clear oil.

silver, oil & pigment on canvas, 11.5cm x 95cm, 1992

gold, oil & pigment on canvas, 11.5cm x 95cm, 1992

I have since found a black & white photo of the works as installed in the gallery...

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