Sunday, March 17, 1996

BY ARRANGEMENT - CBD Gallery, 62 Erskine St Sydney - 17-20 March, 1996

'By Arrangement'  was my solo show at CBD for 1996.  It was a sculptural piece consisting of arranged flower petals on a bed of sand.  This is a very old-fashioned technique that used to happen at country shows - one of the exhibits alongside the vegetables, pickles and decorated cakes - flowers, petals and leaves were arranged in patterns onto a tray of damp sand.  
I used the technique as a representation of the patterning that was happening within my paintings.  I had a stainless steel tray with legs made, and arranged petals and leaves into a repeated grid pattern.  I had to spray it with water every day to keep it alive...

'By Arrangement' flower petals, stainless steel, sand, 70cm x 70cm x 50cm, 1996

I had a postcard made of this work - I have heaps left - send me an email and you can have one....

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