Friday, March 3, 2006

FABRICATION: FIVE CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS WHO WORK WITH PATTERN - Tin Sheds Gallery, Faculty of Architecture, 148 City Road, The University of Sydney - 3 March-25 March 2006

'Fabrication' included the work of Christopher Dean, Judith Duquemin, Justin Trendall, John Aslanidis and myself.  It was organised by Judith Duquemin and opened by Dr Jacqueline Millner.

I exhibited my first large 'Squares' painting, an extended version of the crocheted blocks that I had shown previously  at The Cross Art Projects, a large crocheted cube and another smaller crocheted work.

'Red Squares', oil on canvas, 4 pieces, 200cm x 200cm, 2006
Installation - Christopher Dean and 'Red Squares'

Installation - Justin Trendall, Christopher Dean and 'Red Squares'

'Large Cube', acrylic & woolen yarn, wood, 147cm x 147cm x 147cm, 1999-2006

Installation - 'Large Cube' and John Aslanidis

Installation - Justin Trendall, 'Large Cube', John Aslanidis
'Crocheted Cubes', acrylic & woolen yarn, fabric, foam, 22 pieces, 147cm x 143cm, 2005-6

Installation - John Aslanidis and 'Crocheted Cubes'

Installation - 'Crocheted Cubes' and Judith Duquemin

'Cross Square' acrylic yarn, fabric, foam, 47cm x 47cm, 2006

Installation - Judith Duquemin and 'Cross Square'

Below is a copy of the essay 'Extreme Pattern' written by Judith Duquemin and a link to the show on the Sydney University website.

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