Thursday, July 14, 2005

COHESION: CONSTRUCTIONS, 1999-2005 - The Cross Art Projects, 33 Roslyn St, Kings Cross, 14 July-6 August 2005

This exhibition was part of a larger project curated by Christopher Dean called STREETWORKS (FOREVER) which also involved work by Mini Graff.  I exhibited work in the gallery space in Roslyn Street, as well as in the 'Spud & Douglas Cafe' and the 'Voi' hair salon.

From the invitation - 'Walk the streets of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst to view works by Kate Mackay and Mini Graff.  Artists' modifications, designed to counter corporate uniformity with techniques of incongruity, humour and irony, highlight the need for urban planning to play a role in creating cultural environments.'

The gallery space included paintings, as well as cardboard, paper, wood and crocheted works. 

'Blue Square, Prototype', oil on canvas, 50cm x 50cm, 2003

Installation view, The Cross Art Projects

'Large Block', oil on MDF, 38cm x 38cm, 2004  (in Cross Art bookshop)
'Big Square 1 & 2', paper cardboard, PVA, 50cm x 50cm, 2004 (foreground)
(background - see below)
'Square Painting 4', oil on MDF board, 30cm x 30cm, 2003

'Square Painting 1', oil on MDF board, 30cm x 30cm, 2003

'Large Crochet Blocks', yarn, fabric, foam, dimensions variable, 2005

'Same Painting: Yarn 1', acrylic & woolen yarn, 150cm x 150cm, 1999

'Untitled 4', oil on canvas, 150cm x 200cm, 1999

I hung another stretched crocheted work on the wall at the 'Spud & Douglas' cafe that was in Roslyn Street up the road from Cross Art.

'Same Painting: Yarn 2', acrylic & woolen yarn, 150cm x 150cm, 1999

This 4 panel painting was suspended from a beam in the middle of the 'Voi' hair salon that was in Darlinghurst Road
'Untitled: All Pattern', oil on canvas (4 panels), 138cm x 138cm, 2000

The show got a mention in that weeks 'Critic's Picks' in the SMH and then Jo used a work for a backdrop for an article in the local 'Sydney Central Courier'

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