Tuesday, May 26, 1998

CO-EXISTENCE - Hogarth Gallery, 7 Walker Lane, Paddington - 26 May-13 June 1998

'CO-EXISTENCE' was an exhibition organised as a fundraiser by AAAR! - Australian Artists Against Racism! - a group that included Vivienne Dadour, Ace Bourke and Jo Holder.  The opening coincided with National Sorry Day during National Reconciliation Week.
I think this was the first time that I created and exhibited a crocheted work - it was only a small work (maybe about 15 x 20 cm) and I think it was just coloured stripes.  I do remember that I used red, blue, white, black, yellow and red wool - the combined colours of the Australian and Aboriginal flags.  I sold it and I don't have a photo...  Here is the invite and list of artists...

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