Tuesday, June 1, 1993

SIGNALS, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney - 1992

'Signals' was curated by Janet Shanks and was exhibited on the lawn outside the MCA. The work consisted of 'flags' that were exhibited on flagpoles.  I remember that we were supposed to submit a design that would then be made up by a flagmaker, but that I wanted to make mine myself - sorry Janet! - I realise now that it would have been very annoying!  

Anyway, mine was layered acrylic paint on a sort of  'shower curtain' fabric, so that it was slightly translucent - the imagery was layered patterning.  I think all the works may have gone into the MCA collection.

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  1. No not annoying at all Kate! I loved the wonderfully inventive way each of the artists approached the project; I only wish (in retrospect) we had made them bigger!