Friday, February 1, 1991

VOLUME I & II - Limited edition artists' pages published by Vicente Butron & Janet Shanks - 1991

Volume I & II was a suite of artists' pages in a limited edition of 50.  Each Volume contained A4 sized prints by 8 artists which were presented in a plain brown envelope...

The prints were curated and published by Vicente Butron and Janet Shanks, with the envelopes printed by Simon Hanly.

Volume I consisted of prints by Vicente Butron, Simon Hanly, Melinda Harper, Stephen Little, John Nixon, Kerrie Poliness, William Seeto and Janet Shanks.

Volume II consisted of prints by Stephen Bram, Graeme Cornwall, Helga Groves, Anne MacDonald & Chris Fortescue, myself, Christopher Snee, Gary Wilson and Constanze Zikos.

My work was created by adding paint to a piece of flocked wallpaper and taking prints from it.

Kate Mackay - Untitled - 1991 

Stephen Bram - Untitled - 1991

Constanze Zikos - #91 - 1991

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