Wednesday, December 4, 1991

FIRST DRAFT 1985-1991 - First Draft WEST - December 4 to December 22, 1991

This was the final exhibition at First Draft WEST under our directorship.  It contained work by as many of the former directors that we could find - Roger Crawford, Tess Horwitz, Narelle Jubelin, Paul Saint (1986-1987), Adriane Boag, Mikala Dwyer, Astrid Kriening, Joanne McCambridge (1988-1989), Vicente Butron, Helga Groves, Janet Shanks and myself (1990-1991).

We handed on the gallery to Linda Goodman, Simone Patterson, Rod Jacka, Penny Thwaite and Richard Dabek.

I have no idea what I put in the show....

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