Thursday, October 5, 1989

SHAPELESSNESS - W.I.N.D.O.W. Erskine St Sydney - October 5 to October 15 1989

Shapelessness was an exhibition curated by Maria Cruz at W.I.N.D.O.W., a space in Erskine St that was run by Zylvia Auerbach (the space was later to become CBD Gallery). The exhibition was in two parts, the first part to involve Red Felt, the second part without...
My work was a painting - it consists of 5 stripes of stencilled decorative friezes, each a different colour, which had then been covered with a dark wash, so that the texture of the stencilled edges were emphasised.  For the first part of the exhibition,  5 strips of felt were hung vertically over the horizontal painting, so that the work formed a cross.  It is still one of my favourite paintings - it hangs in the lounge room - I don't know what happened to the felt strips - I think the moths may have eaten them...
(re: W.I.N.D.O.W. - I remember '...Directions Of Worth? - anyone remember what the  'W.I.N.' stood for?...)

Below is the painting and as well as the catalogue and invitation.
'Lines' with felt
Lines, oil on canvas, 200cm x 50cm, 1989

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  1. I think it was, 'Works Indicating New Directions of Worth'