Wednesday, August 6, 2003

SQUARE ONE - Front Room, City Rd, Chippendale - 6th August-23rd August, 2003

Between 2000 and 2003 I did not get to show very much - just the one painting in the Blue Lotus show - and it was becoming slightly discouraging.... Then Elizabeth Pulie and Jay Balbi opened their space called Front Room and invited me to show.
I called the show 'Square One' as that described how I felt about my practice at the time, as well as describing the work that I had begun making - works about squares, returning to first principles... I exhibited a combination of oil paintings, gouaches and works made from paper.

'Blue Painting Prototype' oil on canvas, 51cm x 51cm, 2003

'49 Squared' woven paper on cardboard, 49 pieces, 210cm 210cm overall, 2003 

'1-12 Squares' woven paper on cardboard, 12 pieces, 24cm x 24cm each, 2003

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